Natalie Portman walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for the second night in a row on Thursday. And unlike Wednesday night’s premiere of Jackie, Natalie didn’t even try to hide her very obvious second-trimester bump. Yes, Natalie Portman is pregnant. There’s no hard-and-fast confirmation from Natalie’s rep or Natalie herself, but People Magazine is “confirming” that she is knocked up, in case you don’t believe your eyes. Shall I do a little “I told you so” dance? I knew she was knocked up a month ago. She actually hasn’t been hiding it at all.

Natalie’s gown here is Valentino. It’s very pretty, very regal, and very Jackie Kennedy! Too bad this premiere was for Planetarium, the film which is not about Jackie Kennedy. Planetarium costars Lily-Rose Depp, who looks sort of sullen that Natalie’s bump is soaking up all of the red carpet attention. Lily-Rose is wearing her own vintage Chanel dress. As in, she didn’t borrow this. It was already in her closet. She’s 17.

Getting back to Natalie’s second pregnancy… I think it’s interesting that she got knocked up just months after Benjamin Millepied was pushed out of his position at the Paris de Opera. Reportedly, Benjamin and Natalie have been having problems for the better part of a year, or maybe that was just random tabloid gossip. They genuinely seemed strained though. My thought is that Natalie was so happy to move back to America that she got knocked up as quickly as possible. Is that a weird theory? Whatever.


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