Apparently, Good Morning America isn’t all Michael Strahan thought it would be.

According to a new rumor from Radar Online, Strahan is putting feelers out about getting his co-hosting gig back on Live! with Kelly.

I’m skeptical about this rumor because, as you may remember, Strahan’s departure caused one of the biggest scandals of 2016 because Kelly Ripa felt the betrayal deeply.

Though the two did patch things up enough that Strahan’s exit from the show was pleasant, even adorable, I’m not sure Ripa is itching to have Strahan back in the seat next to her. My guess is that ship has sailed.

Unfortunately for Ripa, however, she might not be the one who gets final say about the co-hosting position, which has been vacant since Strahan departed back in May.

It could even be that Strahan’s contract with Live! included an option clause that would allow him to come back. It could also be that GMA isn’t happy with Strahan’s performance on the show and is already looking to replace him.

While we could speculate about this report all day long, I say take it all with a healthy dose of skepticism. It’s just as likely that Strahan, GMA and Ripa are all perfectly happy with the way things currently stand.

I would be shocked if Strahan wanted to return to Live! with Kelly, just as I would be shocked if Ripa wanted him back.

Let’s chalk it up to internet rumor and focus instead on who will actually be filling the seat next to Ripa on the show.

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