Though Khloé Kardashian and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, have been going strong, she knows that’s always not the case when it comes to new relationships.

In a new post shared on her app, the reality star, who was spotted hitting the gym in Los Angeles on Sunday (Dec. 4, 2016), dished about what to do when your family members hates the person you’re dating. While she admitted that one should always pay attention to how those around you feel about your beau, Kardashian noted that reacting appropriately “totally depends on what they don’t like about your boyfriend or girlfriend.”

“If your family really doesn’t like someone, you should pay attention and listen to their reasons,” she wrote. ” I do think you have to really take heed if someone close to you doesn’t like your significant other—as long as it’s for valid reasons.”

However, she pointed out, “when the reasons for not liking someone are superficial or easily changeable, then ignore the haters, LOL!”

“Sometimes I think the real reason might not come out at first, either. Your mom may be afraid to lose her son for selfish reasons, for example,” she shared, perhaps referencing to Kris Jenner’s initial reaction to Blac Chyna. “Then you have to understand where the dislike is coming from and that it may actually not have anything to do with the person.”

“I really do listen to my sisters,” she added. “I almost always already know what I’m doing but my sisters know that’s how I am. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t like the guy for that same reason. I’m self-aware and I’m often two steps ahead, so their advice doesn’t hurt me in any way.”

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