Now that Rita Ora’s first collaboration pack has been picked over, it’s as if Adidas read our minds because they just announced the release of the next installment. It’s perfect timing too, since I was running out of options to pair my leather sports bra with (heh). Luckily, there are plenty of killer pieces in this round.

The new batch has two very different aesthetics. The first is an assortment of grey and black paint-splattered pieces inspired by street art. Though it wouldn’t be surprising if Rita’s role in a certain upcoming movie that made gray (or rather, “Grey”) a household word also played a part in it.

Rita came up with a gray track suit, t-shirt, matching beanie that look like the most comfortable thing you could wear as November weather descends upon us.

She also created three pairs of matching sneakers—two hi-tops and one low-top—that would go with just about anything. (Leather sports bra included.)

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, Rita’s other new additions are, according to Adidas, “an explosion of natural chaos as repeat rose prints bloom around an insect invasion in a burst of color and detail.” I never knew an insect invasion could be something I’d want to wear but that’s the magic of Rita’s design skills.

The floral and insect-inspired pieces come in a classic Adidas tracksuit, a jumper that I wish I could pull off, a cozy-looking hoodie that Rita’s been wearing in the promo pics, a boxy crop top, and a tee.

In the accessories department, Rita also put the print on a snapback and four varieties of sneakers that you’ll want to flex at your local gym (and beyond).

The new collection drops November 1.

For more on her Adidas Originals collab, check out the interview we did with her—she’s even wearing the jumpsuit from this pack!


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