I don’t know about you, but Gwen Stefani has been one of my style icons since she came on the scene back in the 90s. I bought MAC’s Viva Glam lipstick when I heard it was her favorite, I dyed my hair as blonde as I could and (perhaps I should be ashamed to admit it) I had quite the assortment of bindis. Imagine my delight when I learned that the singer has put together a makeup line with Urban Decay.

Gwen, still radiant at 46, recently sat down with Marie Claire and confessed, “I know some people think my look is dramatic, but for me, it’s simple — it’s just who I am. I’ve always been obsessed with makeup.” She then gave a brief history about how this girl from Anaheim became Gwen Stefani, musical goddess.

On her first foray into makeup: “Growing up in the ’70s in Orange County, California, I would come home from school, and my girlfriend’s mom had tons of Mary Kay, so we’d ask her, ‘Can we play makeup?’ and then we would do that for hours. I started wearing things like Dr Pepper Lip Smacker and eyeliner to school around seventh or eighth grade.”

On her style inspirations: “I used to watch the Old Hollywood movies on AMC, so I wanted to be Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe. That’s when I thought, Okay, I need to have a cat eye—that’s how Marilyn did her eye makeup. All through high school, I wore it with a pink lip.”

On her trademark red lips: “Red lipstick is another one of my favorite looks, but I didn’t even start wearing it until after high school. I can remember the first time: My grandma had bought me one of those palettes that had five different colors, and I tried on the red in the rearview mirror of my car and was like, Oh, that’s the look. I love that.”

All about the brows: “In the ’90s, I was into a thin, chola brow. In Anaheim, where I grew up, there were all those [chola] girls with so much style, and I did the same thin, arched brows. Looking back on it now, I’m like, Oooh—I don’t like it as much. These days, I prefer thicker brows and a clean eye.”

Gwen’s new makeup line includes red lipstick (of course – and 7 other shades, if you’re not feeling your inner Gwen), an eye shadow palette with some bold colors, a vibrant blush palette and a brow kit. It’s a good thing my birthday is coming up…my goal is to snag her look from her recent video “Make Me Like You”, that I have played constantly since it was released. Gwen went back to a Marilyn Monroe inspired look for it, and it really works for her. But, has Gwen ever not looked good? She puts the other soccer moms to shame when she watches her kids play at the community field. I’ve never seen her look anything but perfect. But, I will have to agree with Gwen on her 90s eyebrows. They were a little intense.

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