Jenelle and her mother Barbara have endured some tense times through the years, but regardless of where they stand on difficult issues (such as custody over Jace), the “Teen Mom 2” grandmother always has her daughter’s back.

During tonight’s episode, the young mother experienced several setbacks with her former fiancé. For starters, an ugly screaming match regarding Nathan’s whereabouts ended with him emphatically declaring he was “done” — while Jenelle wept about his behavior. Later, following a second argument which was not televised, Jenelle turned herself in to the police after Kaiser’s father pressed charges for criminal domestic violence.

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The main cause of both unhealthy conflicts: Jenelle’s jealousy of Nathan allegedly hanging out with the girl he had been dating on and off following his broken engagement to J. After the first disagreement, Jenelle spent the afternoon with Babs — and the New Englander, who always had a contentious relationship with N, offered some wise words about her child’s current scenario.

“The thing is with Nathan, you cannot trust him. You just have to get over this sadness about Nathan and move on,” Babs said, before adding she was “proud” of her girl for her academic achievements and not quitting when things got overwhelmingly difficult.

But Jenelle couldn’t help but state how hard it will be moving forward because she and her ex have child together.

“I wouldn’t take Kaiser back for the world, but I still have to see [Nathan] for him to spend time with Kaiser,” she said.

And she’s right: Jenelle and Nathan will be bound together for life because of their son. But luckily for the mother of two, she has a solid support system in her mother, who can help her through tough moments and lend an ear when things get rough.

Who do you rely on when you’re in need of some emotional guidance? Share your thoughts in the comments — and be sure to keep watching “Teen Mom 2″ on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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