How prepared are you for Coachella?

Before you hit the festival grounds this weekend, make sure you have all your essentials packed up and ready to go. After all, flower crowns can’t prevent sunburns!

As Coachella veterans who’ve done everything from party-hopping to car camping, we know exactly music festival goers rely on to get them through the three-day extravaganza. You may think you’re well on your way to Indio, but there are probably a few things you didn’t think of that are actually necessary when it comes to surviving in the California desert. Aside from your wristband, cash and ID, make sure to keep these things around.

Here are 22 must-haves to include in your kit:

In Your Bag

1. KIND Bars, $7 for four. Satiate your appetite with something that you can grab-and-go — like a heathy granola bar. We recommend KIND’s Black Truffle & Sea Salt flavor that comes in their limited-time variety pack.

2. BUQU Cordz, $11.99. Though there are charging stations around Coachella for attendees to power up their devices, most of these places are BYOC (Bring Your Own Cord).

3. Neff Jillian Sunglasses, $20. Sunnies are a music festival staple. These ones are universally flattering on just about anyone.

4. Doppler Labs Here Active Listening Wireless Earbuds, $249. Protect your eardrums with these wireless buds that lets you be your own sound mixer. Pump up the bass or lower the volume of whatever you’re listening to — including live music! — just by using its accompanying smartphone app. These ear buds aren’t sold in stores yet, but every Coachella attendee will receive access to purchase a pair so they can personalize their own listening experience on the field.

5. Vapur Water Bottle, $13.99.  There’ll be water refilling stations around the festival grounds, so bring a collapsible bottle that doesn’t take up room in your bag.

6. BUQU USB Power Bank, $29.99. Never miss any of the action by charging up your phone on-the-go. We love this totally on-theme pineapple power bank that doubles as a keychain!

7. Advil Tablets, $10.44. Cramps? Hangover? Be prepare for whatever life throws at you.

8. BP. Bandana, $14. Cover up your greasy hair or protect your face from dust storms with a light scarf.

Beauty Emergency Kit

9. R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, $17. Don’t waste time washing your hair at the campgrounds. Just spray a little dry shampoo as a refresher.

10. Sephora Collection Beaded Hair Ties, $9. There’s never one on hand when you need them. These ones won’t even clash with your jewelry!

11. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Sunscreen, $9.99. Lightweight yet high in SPF, this sunscreen will protect you from UV rays without making you break out.

12. EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray, $2. No one likes using a Porta Potty, especially one that’s been sitting out in the hot sun all day. Get rid of the gross on the spot with some hand sanitizer.

13. Supergoop! MintFusion Lip Balm, $9.50. Keep your lips hydrated and protect your pout just by using one product.

14. Tarte Not So Slick Oil-Blotting Papers, $10. Get rid of oil and dirt without ruining your makeup.

15. Kleenex, $8.90 for 16 packs. Because no one wants to be stranded without toilet paper.

For Those Who Are Camping

16. Quik Shade Instant Canopy, $127.99. Trust us, you’ll need this. Your tent becomes a boiling hot sauna around 9 AM, so you’ll want to sit somewhere with shade and breathable air. Pop this EZ Up over your tent as a makeshift gazebo. You’ll thank us later.

17. Solight Solarpuff Solar Lantern, $29.98. You’ll be sleeping in a field so there’ll barely be any light once the sun goes down. This lantern is solar powered and foldable, making it the easiest thing you’ll pack for camping.

18. Coleman Cooler, $31.89. Ice cold water is a hot commodity out in the desert. For a makeshift fridge that’ll keep your drinks cool all weekend long, place a block of dry ice in a cooler before making the drive out to Indio.

19. Mountain Trails Sleeping Bag, $21.95. Coachella gets pretty chilly after sunset. Stay warm while you catch some beauty rest.

20. Coleman Sundome Tent, $52.36. It’s camping so duh!

21. Coleman Camping Chair, $29.99. It’s either this or sitting in a hot car. We choose the chair.

22. Honeywell Personal Fan, $12.99. Did we mention how hot it gets out there? Bring a battery operated fan and be the envy of all our friends.

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