Chris Martin seized the opportunity to play a beautiful tribute to George Michael while visiting a homeless shelter just days after the Wham! singer died on Christmas Day.

The Coldplay frontman honored Michael, who was an incredible philanthropist, by singing “Last Christmas” at a Crisis center in London.

With his guitar in hand Martin belted out the holiday hit alongside another man, identified only as, Kevin.

“A huge thank you to Coldplay’s Chris Martin for dropping by our Crisis at Christmas centers and entertaining our guests,” the shelter wrote on it’s Facebook page on Wednesday, December 28. “Here he is performing a wonderful tribute to George Michael with our very own King of Karaoke – #CrisisXmas guest Kevin!”

Martin didn’t just perform, but also pitched in making tea and coffee for the people staying there, along with his girlfriend, Annabelle Wallis.

”That moment when Coldplay’s Chris Martin drops into the Crisis at Christmas shelter, with no fuss, no fanfare and no press, to help make tea and coffee and also play guitar so guests can have a sing song,” a volunteer wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for coming down and getting stuck in.”

Days before, Martin, 39, had been spotted visiting a homeless shelter in New York too, where he gave a surprise performance.

His charitable actions would have pleased Michael who was known for his generosity and work with the less fortunate.

Since his death social media has been flooded with people coming forward to share some of Michael’s random acts of kindness.

He died at his home in England at the age of 53 from heart failure.


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