While I’ve never really hopped onto the Chris Evans Train, I have to admit that these are some nice photos. Chris is one of several cover subjects for W Magazine’s October issue. ‘Tis the season… for multiple cover subjects. It’s sort of annoying, but what can you do? Chris gave a surprisingly long and surprisingly anxiety-free interview to W where he discussed his early years as an actor, whether Captain America is a virgin, and how he learned how to tap dance:

ScarJo says he’s a great singer: “Coming from Scar, that’s not fair, ’cause Scarlet is like a legitimate amazing singer….That’s very kind of her. I don’t know that I’m singing all the time, but that’s very sweet of her to say…”

What he does in between scenes: “I’m probably doing like a little soft shoe. I grew up tap dancing as well. My mother was a tap dancer, so we had a tap floor in the basement, and we all got lessons.”

His first movie: “I think the first three years I was out here, I did a pilot every year, and each year the pilots didn’t get picked up thankfully. And then around 2001 I got my first movie, another critically-acclaimed Oscar darling called Not Another Teen Movie. It’s very high-brow stuff. I had a banana in my butt; I mean it’s what you train for… I’m glad that I didn’t you know come out of the gates with the first thing being some huge critically-acclaimed success. It’s been very nice and educational. And I think this is a tricky industry where success can happen fast and it can really be a flood. And I think in order to navigate this business healthfully; it’s nice to have a slow drip. I think it really does ease you in to a certain frame of mind that I think if it comes all at once can actually be jarring and you may not adapt that well.”

He hasn’t been typecast:
“If it shakes out that way, it’s not because of how I think the industry will view me or how I think my perception will dictate my opportunity. For me it’s fueled completely by my creative appetite. You know I’m a pretty material guy and I think most artists – it sounds a little pretentious – but I think most actors are fickle, and what excites me one month may not the next. And so for me it’s truly about just whatever I’m hungry for as an actor, and it usually incorporates some level of variety.”

Upon being told that Captain America “might be a virgin.” “That’s possible too. Well, that’s the one thing [he’s scared of because] I think he still hasn’t quite found his footing. But I think they do a good job of making him care about things. You know if you show that he has something that can touch his heart, if you see where he emotes, even if it’s privately, you see him be affected by love in some capacity, whether it’s the love of a woman or a friend or you know a responsibility, whatever it is. He believes in something and loves something and he’s affected by it. And so when you see him kind of in that pain or show that compassion, I think that’s what humanizes him and makes him interesting.”

There’s also an interesting part where he’s basically asked if he regrets signing the six-picture contract with Marvel and he says that he used to focus on the negative stuff (the time commitment, having to say no to other projects) but he’s come back around on it and now understands that Marvel is probably the best thing to happen to his career. I didn’t know he tap danced AND sings. Now that I know that, I kind of want to see him do an old-fashioned musical, like Gene Kelly. As for Cap being a virgin… yes. I think he is. Unless you guys want to write some hot slash fiction about Cap and the Winter Soldier.

Here’s the W video, where he talks about girls and movies and stuff.

Via www.celebitchy.com

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