Sherri Shepherd had one last big take on ‘The View.’

During a standup routine Tuesday night former “The View” host Sherri Shepherd made a confession about her reaction to getting fired from the show. “She said when the news came down, she made a quick decision: To steal everything she could from the set — framed photos, Louis Vuitton shoes, basically anything that wasn’t nailed down,” an audience member at Carolines on Broadway in Times Square told [email protected] “And she concealed all of the stolen stuff in Bounty paper towels, wrapped the items up and snuck them out the door.” Shepherd, who was let go from the talk show in June, also boasted to the crowd at the #NYTough Comedy Showcase that she has Oprah Winfrey’s cell number, but as a precaution doesn’t store it under “Oprah” in her contacts. She said it’s listed as “Celie,” a reference to the Oprah movie “The Color Purple.” Confusingly, Celie was played by Whoopi Goldberg, not Winfrey.


What will Joe Manganiello think about these pictures! Sofia Vergara boasted Monday on “Good Morning America” that she landed the “True Blood” hunk, whom she’s been dating since July, because he smelled her “and he couldn’t help himself.” But yesterday the “Modern Family” beauty was snapped “sharing a laugh and a hug” with her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb outside his Upper East Side home. The photog says the pair had spent “a few hours together” in the building.

Chrissy Teigen looks forward to playtime with her own video game.


Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen has her sights set on creating a new video game. “I could see it being like that Kim Kardashian game, where it’s very lifestyle-ey and, ‘Oh, it’s 6 a.m., I gotta work out. I have my Sports Illustrated shoot — oh that bikini,’ and to be able to toggle back and forth,” she said at a party feting the new NBA2K15 video game. “I could see that being really interesting. Actually, that’s pretty genius and I’m going to go to them with that.”


ABC threw a media mixer at the Empire Hotel Tuesday where newly minted “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir made the rounds, talking about a recent trip to Syria, while Ginger Zee, in her rookie year as head meteorologist for “Good Morning America,” chatted up guests at the bar. [email protected] overheard a few of the network’s employees saying they were scrambling to find a birthday gift for Barbara Walters, who turns 85 Thursday. Babs had been telling everyone she wants “nothing” for the big day.

It’s travel family-style for the similarly attired Kanye West, North West and Kim Kardashian at the Balenciaga show in Paris.


North West struts her stuff — but needs her shoe tied — at the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, where she turned up dressed just like daddy Kanye West. She was later spotted front row with mom Kim Kardashian, also sporting an all-black ensemble.

Ke$ha gets catty on her flights these days.


Ke$ha has taken a page from Taylor Swift’s book and is now carrying her cat around in her arms. Spotted at LAX with her friendly feline, the singer looked happy and healthy as she strolled through.


Given his gene pool, it’s no surprise that the youngest son of Victoria and David Beckham is having a booming modeling career at only 12 years old. Romeo Beckham will star as the face of Burberry’s Christmas campaign, which will debut in magazine ads this November. The dimpled and sandy-haired looker previously starred in a spring 2013 ad for the British label.

Sarah Jessica Parker steps up her fashion game for the ballet fall gala.


What got her tutu in a twist? At New York City Ballet’s third annual Fall Fashion Gala Tuesday night, Sarah Jessica Parker responded witheringly to an innocent question from a reporter. Asked what ballet means to her, the “Sex and the City” star sighed, “You ask these general kind of vague questions. I think I’ve been pretty public about what the ballet means to me.” Sorry, Sarah — for some reason those quotes must have slipped our mind.


Supermodel Teresa Moore was spotted this week at an episode of NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura.” Known for posing in her lingerie for H&M, Victoria’s Secret and Jockey, she showcased what she knows best, playing a lingerie sales girl on the show. … Avenue doorman and “The Good Wife” actor Wass Stevens celebrating his birthday by performing “All Night Long” at Avenue lounge. … Derek Jeter dining recently at Midtown eatery Chin Chin, with a fan who won a dinner with him from a charity auction.

Justin Bieber and driver David Hasselhoff are revved up for their run in the ‘Knight Rider’ car.


If only they were reenacting the end of “Thelma and Louise.” Alas, Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff were merely taking a joyride in the famous KITT car from “Knight Rider,” the Hoff’s 1980s show about a talking car. Bieber recruited the “Baywatch” star for a recent video project, which filmed scenes in Venice Beach, Calif., this week.

AnnaSophia Robb made it to the 100 Days of Music launch, but had to study, too.


AnnaSophia Robb was out on a school night! The “Carrie Diaries” actress and NYU student hit Aloft Hotels’ 100 Days of Music kickoff event at Aloft Brooklyn Tuesday night, and was spotted with a schoolbook taking a study break while listening to Better Than Ezra perform. Robb was overheard discussing her upcoming role in “A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island,” before tossing her latte and saying she had to head home to write a paper.


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